My Story

I'm Mrs. Toolip, 31 years old, mom of 4, entrepreneur, and abstract artist.


I was born in New Zealand, to adventuring, traveling artistic Dutch parents who took their art around the world.


After spending my first few years as a Kiwi, my family relocated to the Netherlands, where my close relationship with all forms of art continued, hand in hand with my parents, regularly attending art galleries, fairs, and exhibits.


My childhood memories are playing around canvases and art galleries, feeling even at this early stage of my life attracted to colors and the smell of paint-


The name originates from my idea of combining nature, elegance, and my utmost love and respect towards my heritage. Hence the reason I picked one of the most recognizable symbols of Holland, the tulip.


My work reflects my lifestyle, dynamic shapes, lively colors, with my expression and brush strokes forming a controlled chaos.


I'm passionate about nature,  this passion urges me to paint, from recreating wild waves crashing into the coastline, or interpreting vegetation, foliage and flowers, all the way to painting planet Earth as seen from above.



Propper preparation of paints and other products to be used is key, a fundamental part of my art, along with knowledge of how they will interact, which will greatly shape the resulting finish.


My aim is to attain excellence in my art, make it known worldwide in hopes of awakening our collective conscience so that we can all come together to make this world a better place and connect with nature.


With this project I seek to be able to offer financial support for other projects, emerging talents, art, culture and very specially organizations working on providing a better future for children.


In Art I find a medium to express myself, unprejudiced and unfiltered.


The Paintings cause me immense joy!


What I like the most of this technique is the unique ways colors and materials interact and produce a surprise chest of sorts, with results being unrepeatable, therefore unique pieces.